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Adam Grant, Organizational psychologist at Wharton & bestselling author

Zander Lurie, CEO, Momentive

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Businesses across every industry are grappling with the same tough questions: how do we retain employees during The Great Resignation? How do we weigh new risks against our planned return-to-office policies? And how can we put our diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) values front and center throughout the employee journey?

Join your peers for a special employee-focused edition of CXO Insights, our quarterly executive fireside chat series, as we discuss these big employee-centric issues facing leaders today. Register now to participate in 3 thought-provoking sessions and learn how top executives are taking hold of new opportunities.


The cog in your machine
is a unique individual

9-9:45am PT (12-12:45pm ET)

Employees have had enough: they’ve come to realize there’s life beyond stressful work. They’re considering the dreams they want to fulfill and they’re re-evaluating how they feel about their employer; they’re asking if they even share the same values. How well do you understand your employees? Join Momentive CEO Zander Lurie in conversation with renowned organizational psychologist Adam Grant as they discuss how to foster a better employee experience and the critical role business leaders play in creating and leading an inclusive work culture.

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Adam Grant, Organizational psychologist at Wharton & bestselling author
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Zander Lurie, CEO, Momentive


How businesses can avoid and benefit from The Great Resignation

9:45-10:15am PT (12:45-1:15pm ET)

A quarter of all workers will likely leave their current jobs in the next 6 months, mostly due to work stress, according to our June 2021 study of 6,678 adults. From burnout to a desire to fulfill their dreams, employees are re-evaluating what makes them happy. Join Momentive Chief People Officer, Becky Cantieri, in conversation with HubSpot CPO Katie Burke, as they discuss the role business leaders have in creating a flexible work culture that supports all employees' needs throughout the employee life cycle and beyond.


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Katie Burke, Chief People Officer, HubSpot


Becky Cantieri, Chief People Officer, Momentive


Social responsibility: It’s time to overhaul the system

10:15-10:45am PT (1:15-1:45pm ET)

The system on which global business is built is no longer working. The cultural system that defined a man’s role, or a woman’s place, or how much each person’s contribution is worth, is finished. How do modern businesses create a culture where everyone can coexist, feel safe, and thrive? Join Momentive Chief Diversity & Social Impact Officer Antoine Andrews in conversation with LiveRamp Head of Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging Khambrel Ward as they cover the process of creating a workplace DEI strategy for companies that are either starting out in this endeavor or looking to build upon a solid foundation.



Khambrel Ward, Head of Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging, LiveRamp


Antoine Andrews, Chief Diversity and Social Impact Officer, Momentive


Employee experience in focus